What to Wear

My favorite part of photo sessions is picking out the outfits, I love it.

Rule One - Be comfortable in whatever you pick - if you're not it will come through in your photos.  If you aren't into formal clothing then don't wear it - your family pictures are all about documenting who you all are!  

Rule Two - Don't be afraid of colors & patterns.  Color is great.  Again, photos are all about documenting who you are - I doubt you're plain old black or white.  :)  What I usually do is pick an item I love - a shirt for someone or a dress, and then build everything around that item.  I generally try to stick to a 3 color grouping, not everyone has to wear all 3 - Mix & Matching is fun!

Rule Three - Layers and accessories are GREAT!  It's also a good way to add a bright pop of color.  :)

Rule Four - Try to avoid large logos or cartoon type characters.  You want YOU (or your child) to be the star of the photo, not the cartoon character on the shirt.  

If you're still stuck here are the links to 2 of my Pinterest boards that are full of inspiration & ideas.  :)

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