Looking to raise some extra funds for your team or league?  Stickers are an easy and popular way to do just that.  

030121 stickers beansproutphotography030121 stickers beansproutphotography

Stickers come on 12x12 sheets.  They are not cut out, you can cut to package as you choose.  The amount of stickers that fits on that sheet varies vastly.  We try to utilize all the space possible to get you as many stickers as possible on each sheet.  I recommend multiple sizes to vary the way people can use them - it only helps you to sell more.  Sheets can fit anywhere from 2-15 stickers or more.

stickers beansproutphotography-9stickers beansproutphotography-9

Design Fee - This is only charged on initial orders - not reorders unless there are design changes made.    $50 for full design, $25 for only sheet design.

Per Sheet Price-

1-4 Sheets  $20 per sheet

5-10 Sheets  $15 per sheet

11-25 Sheets  $12 per sheet

26-75 Sheets  $10 per sheet

76-150 Sheets  $8 per sheet

151+ Sheets   $5 per sheet